A week of expat problems – Week 9

A week of expat problems – Week 9

Welcome to week nine of #expatproblems. Each week, we’ll scour the twittersphere to uncover the Top 10 linguistic hurdles, communication nightmares and cross-cultural faux pas that make expat life so wonderful! Expat life has it’s ups and downs, filled with weird, whacky and surprising experiences. Our weekly #expatproblems series will give you a glimpse of expat life across the world.

This is a series for expats, written by expats. Above all, we hear you!


Katherine‏ – @Stylish_Kate

#expat sometimes benefits – it’s Bank Holiday today in Germany. #ExpatProblems 🙂


Bryan Thompson‏ – @BtotheROC

I think I’m the only person in Singapore with an Xbox One. #ExpatProblems #NotAvailableHere


magpiedays‏ – @magpiedays

Wake up, check Twitter for all the playoff results from overnight. Because #itsplayoffseason and I’m in Switzerland, so also #expatproblems


Sri Sritharan‏ – @sris22

the world… It’s nigh-on impossible to get a decent curry in NYC. #ExpatProblems


Jenna Brown‏ – @jennarbrown1

I’ve been called up for jury duty…In Michigan….I’ve lived in the UK for 5 years….#ExPatProblems


Genn McMenemy‏ – @GennMcMenemy

I just used the phrase “chin up” and I’ve started drinking tea regularly. I’m beginning to get worried. #expatproblems


Liz Anne‏ – @struckbywndlst

Why when it’s obvious you aren’t fluent in Spanish do people insist on speaking to you at the speed of light in Spanish? #expatproblems


Emily‏ – @NekoinNippon

I still think it’s comical I spoke more French and Italian than Japanese when last in Japan. #expatproblems #talktome


John Ingram‏ – @modthejohn

Even from a double-deck bus, it remains odd to see the person in the left seat not driving. #expatproblems


Sheryl Beth Silvers‏ – @sb_silvers

Almost 10 months in Korea and I FINALLY figured out how to check movie times online… #expatproblems #expatsolutions


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