A week of expat problems – Week 7

A week of expat problems – Week 7

Welcome to week seven of #expatproblems. Each week, we’ll scour the twittersphere to uncover the Top 10 linguistic hurdles, communication nightmares and cross-cultural faux pas that make expat life so wonderful! Expat life has it’s ups and downs, filled with weird, whacky and surprising experiences. Our weekly #expatproblems series will give you a glimpse of expat life across the world.

This is a series for expats, written by expats. Above all, we hear you!

Ian Picard

Ian Picard‏ – @AFunkyMind

I keep throwing toilet paper into the trashcan, even though flushing it would be totally fine. #expatproblems


Megan Yulga – @MeganYulga

I would kill for a @TacoBell in #Singapore right now. #expatproblems

Della Hunt

Della Hunt‏ – @chrysplatt

I bet I’m an arrogant American, and I don’t even know it yet. #expatproblems


Brendan Bosch‏ – @nadnerb98

Heard in my office: it’s pronounced TOWELette not toilet. You are not wiping your face with a toilet. #expatproblems #englishishard


Sharon‏ – @MyaSharona

The moment when the office attempts to peer pressure you into eating unhealthy food. Apparently “It’s Un-American” of me -_-


Gregory H. Kramer‏ – @GregoryHawken

“I’m so worried about your #vacation. What if something happens to you?” -Mom “I’m going to Germany Mom not the Sudan.” -Me #ExpatProblems


CMSnyder‏ – @CMSnyder

Two currencies in my wallet, neither of which currently work in the country I am in. #expatproblems


Tanja‏ – @SwissHeartbeats

That awkward moment when you find out you bought raw eggs instead of boiled eggs.. #ExpatProblems #DutchFail


Monica West‏ – @monimausi12

Maybe I’ll just continue to grow my hair put after the wedding because finding a stylist in Abu Dhabi seems daunting #expatproblems


Rachel Sweeney‏ – @RachelSweeney27

Not being able to walk the 10 minutes to work this morning because I didn’t have my sunglasses #expatproblems #hazeleyes #cantsee #doha


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