A week of expat problems – Week 2

A week of expat problems – Week 2

Welcome to the second week of #expatproblems. Each week, we’ll scour the twittersphere to uncover the Top 10 linguistic hurdles, communication nightmares and cross-cultural faux pas that make expat life so wonderful! Expat life has it’s ups and downs, filled with weird, whacky and surprising experiences. Our weekly #expatproblems series will give you a glimpse of expat life across the world.

This is a series for expats, written by expats. Above all, we hear you!


Theresa‏ – @theresaannd

Pancake vs. Crepe debate. #expatproblems.


Jessica L.Scott-Reid‏ – @JessLReid

Sweet timing to be a Canadian getting paid in #Rubles :/ #expatproblems


Michael Wallace‏ – @statacake

Realizing I’m going to have to spend the next 2 months explaining to Canadians a) what Eurovision is, and b) why it’s awesome #expatproblems


Howard Gray – ‏@HstephenG

Cricket on TV in an American weight room. Not something you see everyday! #expatproblems


Anna Ahronheim‏ – @AAhronheim

Whenever I see #Putin’s name written in French (Poutine) I get hungry #expatproblems #Quebec


Rachel Innes‏ – @rach_innes

You know you went to an international school when you get birthday messages 24h before and 24h after your Birthday #expatproblems


Eric Zahn‏ – @Ericez74

So we had no chance this weekend vs a girls team that ran high picks all game. I need to learn mandarin for “switch” #expatproblems


Ben Wilkerson‏ – @BenWilkerson89

Oh McDonald’s sausage biscuit….how I miss thee! #I’mlovingit #mcdonalds #expatproblems #Murica


Neil Thomas‏ – @neildthom

Stubbing ur toe on a supermarket trolly whilst wearing flip flops is up there with stubbing ur toe on the corner of the bed #expatproblems


Nerys‏ – @_laNerys

So the UK’s Eurovision contestant is called Molly? Unfortunately the Moment ads have ruined that name for me. #expatproblems


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