A week of expat problems – Week 1

A week of expat problems – Week 1

Welcome to the very first week of #expatproblems. Each week, we’ll scour the twittersphere to uncover the Top 10 linguistic hurdles, communication nightmares and cross-cultural faux pas that make expat life so wonderful! Expat life has it’s ups and downs, filled with weird, whacky and surprising experiences. Our weekly #expatproblems series will give you a glimpse of expat life across the world.

This is a series for expats, written by expats. Above all, we hear you!


Charlotte BC. – ‏@Cha_deBerry

#ThoughtOfTheDay Every single time, I have to wonder if my tweet will be better in French or in English. #Expatproblem


Genn McMenemy – ‏@GennMcMenemy

Realized that when I see the date (month/date/year) the American way I get completely confused and I try to correct it. #expatproblems


Sharonne Seitz‏ – @Tutu775

Day 2 on my quest for ricotta cheese! Grocery shopping should not be this hard #expatproblems


Expat Problems‏ – @ExpatProblems_

Evolution of your views on local styles. 1st Day = Ewwww that’s ugly 10th week = I can see how “they” like it 2nd year = This looks GOOD!


Meg – ‏@twentyawesome

Living 10 hours apart puts me one day ahead! #timezone #expatproblem pic.twitter.com/7c4J7YaId8


Natasja Giezen-Smith – ‏@divinemissn

#expatproblem not knowing what the song is that your toddler has learned at nursery and is desperate for you to sing.


Jordan Nadler – ‏@Nadleresque

I would do unspeakable things for access to Girl Scout Cookies right now. #ExPatProblems


Joy‏ – @JoyDabbles

@CBCAlerts Sadly, we expats can’t watch CBC Olympic coverage. #expatproblems #Sochi2014


Expat Problems‏ – @ExpatProblems_

I sound like such a snob whenever I tell a story that involves another country. And this sounds like a humble brag. #expatproblems


Melissa – @moyamuhle

@La__Cuen Mouth now watering over here and it’s not yet 10 o’clock! #thanksfornuthin 😉 what I wouldn’t do for a decent corn tortilla!


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