Top 5 Reasons to Work Abroad

Top 5 Reasons to Work Abroad

Maybe you’re graduating this year and want to explore the world and travel. Maybe you fancy a change and just want to open a whole new world of opportunities. No matter what stage of life you are at, working abroad is full of advantages that you may never benefit from staying in your home country. In today’s episode of MyCurrencyTransferTV, we reveal the top 5 reasons to work abroad.

Hi there and welcome to another episode of MyCurrencyTransferTV. Today. With an economic climate that has remained so miserable for such an extended period of time, the British are wanting to leave the country more than ever. Particularly recent graduates and the unemployed are seeking careers and work abroad where opportunities are far more rife than within the United Kingdom.

The tendency to want to remain in your comfort zone is typically the factor holding people back, preventing them from making that extraordinary step in to the outside world. To give those of you teetering on the edge of conversion that extra push, we have compiled the top 5 reasons to work abroad.
Experiencing different cultures
Travelling abroad to experience culture provides a very different experience to working within a given thriving environment. As a traveller you remain very much a tourist and outsider; only being exposed to glimpses of foreign ways-of-life. When immersing yourself in a new country through the working world, there is a much higher chance of being treated as a native and welcomed in to society, meeting life-long friends and creating everlasting memories that being a tourist abroad cannot guarantee.

Enhancing employability
Spending a given time working abroad can enhance your employability a great deal, providing you with skills and strengths that perhaps cannot be obtained in the UK. Locating and undertaking a job or placement abroad demonstrates initiative and perseverance. Communication skills will be fortified through working with people from different backgrounds as well as overcoming the inevitable language barriers. Listing this experience on your CV will only ever be viewed as an asset by employers so there really is nothing to lose.

Gaining work experience
If you have a chosen career path, gaining work experience abroad in the given field may put you above other candidates when applying for a work position. For example, those wanting to go in to hospitality may need or want to spend some time working in a Hotel in the Canary Islands. Work experience abroad will also enable you to participate in different areas within the field of work and become open to various attitudes and ideas in the workplace that may not be as frequently performed and observed within the UK.

Taking time out
For most recent graduates, this is the ideal time to take time out to travel and experience anything that you may not have the chance to do when tied down to a career, property or family in the UK. Going to work abroad will give you the break and time out you need as well as valuable skills that will be useful for when you return back to begin your career here. As well as a good time for taking a break, it is also time to reflect and make key life decisions and consider how you will go about achieving your goals in the future.

Learn a language
Aside from all the other new skills you will learn, you may feel this would be a great opportunity to develop your linguistic skills or even learn a brand new language. It is a well known fact that the best way to learn a new language is by immersing yourself in it; hearing a native speaker 24 hours a day will have you picking it up in no time! Aside from the leisure and hobby aspect, language skills are a highly valued asset in today’s job market, with international communication becoming very frequent and rapidly increasing, there really is nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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