Does giving away ‘presents’ inspire you to make referrals to an FX broker?

Does giving away ‘presents’ inspire you to make referrals to an FX broker?

A growing number of FX specialists are choosing to hand over gifts as a way of increasing their client base. It is all part of the FX specialist’s refer a friend program. The past few days I have come across the following: Refer me 2 clients who open an account and you get a Bottle of Champagne. Another low end money transfer operator will hand over iPod Nanos. A prominent currency broker exclaims ‘Send over a whooping 5 clients and you get a free trip on a budget airline to your choice of 10 destinations over Europe. Oh, the ‘free’ weekend break is only if your referred friend transfers over £20,000 equivalent in GBP.

If you are happy with the service provided by a currency specialist and want to share your joy by referring your friends, why not be rewarded. It is a fun idea and one that should be commended. In short, the team at MyCurrencyTransfer sees this very much as a nice gesture and quite simply a ‘thank you for sending over the client.’

Do you agree? What do we think about this? Good idea?

If were to run a ‘refer a friend program’ what type of presents would incentivise you to make referrals


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