Top 10 Websites For Expat Women

Top 10 Websites For Expat Women

Welcome to our third round of the Expat Star Awards – and what a round it is!

In this category, we’re honouring the Top 10 Websites for Expat Women and let us tell you… the competition has been fierce.

Therefore, we’d like to extend an extra special ‘well done’ to each of our winners and finalists, which are:

Gold Winner -'s Expat Stars Awards 2013 found tweeting @andreaexpat earns a very well deserved Gold badge for being the benchmark site for Expat Women. It’s the most informative, entertaining and switched-on platform on the web for intelligent expat women. From interviews and motivational tools to a directory and more brilliant articles than you can shake a can of DEET at. The only sad thing is that, after six years’ of tireless dedication to women all over the world, director Andrea Martins and co are taking a much-needed break. ‘Enjoy’, we say. ‘But don’t stay away too long!’

Silver Winner -'s Expat Stars Awards 2013

The American Resident found tweeting @michelloui

Congratulations to Michelle Garrett who walks away with our Silver title thanks to her well penned blog which combines parenting, homemaking and everyday life through the eyes of a long-term expat. One of our favourite bits about her blog is her food section, which features American recipes for British kitchens – genius! And is if that wasn’t enough, Michelle even has a book entitled ‘Love Living Overseas’ – aimed at unhappy expats – coming out this Spring!

Bronze Winner -'s Expat Stars Awards 2013 found tweeting @britmums

Our Bronze award goes to Expat Mums Blog – a parenting blog for expat mums, by expat mums. Needless to say it’s full of witty banter, well-though-out stories on travelling and living abroad with children by a range of different contributors from all over the world, including the UK, Bosnia and the US. Perhaps its best feature is that it showcases how parenthood and setting up home abroad is exactly the same and carries the same woes no matter which country you’re in. This is a particularly great blog for anyone who’s ever felt homesick. In fact, it’s like a great, big, familiar hug!

Finalist -'s Expat Stars Awards 2013 found tweeting @expatangels

From expat divorce and parenting issues to advice on moving with children and weekend travel ideas, this blog covers the lot. Its strap line is ‘By your side’ and that’s exactly what it is… by your side every step of the way.  We love the magazine format and diversity of its features, which illustrate a range of topics from home and garden to food and family healthcare. found tweeting @costawomen

Costa Women is a social and business networking community for women living in Spain and is a great way to share friendship, support and information on local issues and services. It carries interviews, member offers, motivational quotes and a list of local events as long as your arm! It also has a great discussion forum and encourages members to get involved via Facebook and other social networks too. found tweeting @comme1francaise

Ooh la la! This sassy little blog is cleverly put together by Geraldine Lepere, who lives in the French Alps and has made it her mission to help female expats living in the country to avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with the potential language barrier. From how to avoid coming across like a tourist to getting by on very little spoken French, Geraldine has all the answers. Consider her your expert ‘on the inside’! found tweeting @counsellingfr

Counselling Women in France is a blog with a difference – it helps expat women suffering from anxiety, depression and alcohol problems via online and telephone counselling. It can be a welcome helping hand in times of need as many women living in France have discovered over the past year or so. It’s also helped expats to cope with the trauma of losing a loved one after hearing the news from across the miles and to deal with the ‘goodbyes’ after family visits without falling apart via some brilliantly authored articles in which fellow expats share their own experiences. found tweeting @tortugaviajera

Yum! This blog combines two of our favourite things: travel AND food! La Tortuga Viajera – otherwise translated as ‘the travelling turtle’ is a brilliant account of what it’s like being an American living in Madrid and will certainly whet your appetite for tapas and paella. It also combines some great photography which, alongside upbeat stories which are expertly brought to life, helps to create the illusion that you’re actually there with the author. found tweeting @orangepolkadot

This bright and cheerful website charts the adventures of one woman who’s made the transition from California to Catalunya in Spain. It’s already won a string of awards and is a great way to learn more about this fascinating European country – particularly from an expat point of view. found tweeting @aboutindia

This fascinating blog of a Western woman now living in India. Our heroine in this story lives in Mumbai with her husband, a DJ in Calcutta, and her accounts of daily life in the East are brilliantly inspiring. In her own words, she cites her new life as making her feel “more fulfilled and free” away from the shackles of material possessions. If ever you needed a little nudge in the right direction in a bid to fulfil your dreams, reading this blog could be it!

All our winners and finalists are invited for an interview on & invited to upload their badges of honour from the main Expat Star Awards 2013 page.

Tell the world how good you really are!

You can see some more advice and tips at our blog.

So.. what do you think of our top 10? All your comments, thoughts and tips are welcome!

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    Thank you so much for the top award! :)

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