Cheap Payments To France

Cheap Payments To France

A question we get asked often at is how can I make cheap payments to France? You may be looking to do a one-off transfer or alternatively a regular monthly payment.

Primarily, the question is often directed from overseas property owners who need to make regular bill transfers, pay off a mortgage or make maintenance payments.  It is also a subject that many international students have difficulty with, particularly those spending a year on exchange or undergraduate degree overseas.

Whatever your need to make an international payment to France, we hope this mini-guide will help you find the best deal.


1.       Compare cheap payments to France on

Our unique comparison platform aggregates the world’s leading foreign exchange specialists. Typically, they can save you between 3-5% of the value of your transfer. As currency brokers are buying in bulk from the live markets, they can pass on the saving to customers.  Our advice is not to settle for the first deal you stumble across, as multiple bids equal multiple savings.

Click here for our comparison tables that will help you make cheap payments to France

2.       Analyze multiple bids for your business

Compare foreign exchange companies not just based on rate but other comparison metrics: company size, how long they have been in business, are they FSA authorised and regulated, do they operate segregated client accounts. strictly vet all it’s listed partners to ensure safety and security of funds

3.       Register with a foreign exchange specialist

In order to be quoted a live dealing rate, you will need to open an account with a foreign exchange specialist. As a private client, this takes no longer than 15 minutes provided you have the right documentation. Often, you will only need to provide basic personal details and driver’s licence number. Due to strict money laundering laws, you just need to prove you are who you say you are!

4.       Obtain a LIVE dealing rate

Once registered, you will be able to transact and be quoted a tradable rate. Watch out for currency companies that quote you unobtainable rates prior to registering, purely for the purpose of ‘pulling you in.’

5.       Transact

If you are happy with the exchange rate offered, you can book in your transfer. You will then be issued a trade notification, giving instructions on how to pay the foreign exchange specialist. Once you have provided the recipient’s details and paid the company, your funds will then be transferred over to France.

Good luck with your money transfer to France!


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