Western Union Exchange Rate Overview

Western Union Fees
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  • Zero fee when you send money to a bank account with Western Union. Visit Western Union today to open a free, no obligation account (takes 5 minutes).

Western Union exchange rates depend on the country you are sending money to and whether you choose to send money online or via one of their agents at a location. Typically, it is far cheaper to use their online services which include: Money in Minutes (card to cash with pickup in less than 10 minutes) OR Direct to Bank Account (card to account).

To compare western union exchange rates live, you will need to visit and register online.

Remember, there are two variable costs to consider when making an international money transfer with Western Union (or any other provider): the transaction fee & the foreign exchange margin applied. Our research shows that the transaction fees applied for the Western Union Direct to Bank service are much cheaper than Money in Minutes. Keep this in mind when you want to calculate the total cost of sending money abroad to your desired destination.

What are Western Union’s Money Transfer Rates

By transferring money online, our research has found that Western Union’s money transfer rates become far more competitive online than going through a Western Union agent location. When you use Western Union, foreign exchange rates are transparent and fully locked in.

At the time of writing, here is a snapshot of FX margin that is applied when using the Western Union online service.

Sending From The UK To: Western Union Online.
Exchange Rate Margins (cash pickup in under 10 minutes)
India (INR) 2.1%
Phillipines (PHP) 2.5%
Thailand (THB) 4.1%
Nigeria 3.1%
Poland (PLN) 2.2%
Spain (EUR) 4.1%
Romania 3.0%
Indonesia 3.1%
France (EUR) 6.0%
Australia (AUD) 4.0%
Colombia 3.0%
Canada (CAD) 4.0%
UAE (AED) 3.1%
South Africa (ZAR) 3.5%
Other 3.1%

* Note:these margins are for guide purposes only and are accurate at the time of writing. For accurate up to the minute pricing visit the Western Union site and register.

Registration takes around five minutes and can be completed at Take note that if you are looking to transfer larger sums of money on a frequent basis, you will need to become a verified customer.

What is the difference in Western Union’s exchange rates between Money In Minutes and Agent Location?

How to send money with Western Union

The following steps are required to make an international money transfer:

  1. Visit the Western Union site at
  2. Register for free to use their service (takes no more than 5 minutes)
  3. Make payment with either: Delta, Electron, Mastercard, Maestro or Visa
  4. For Money In Minutes you will require: name of receiver, city and country where the money will be collected OR Direct to Bank Account you will require: name of receiver, bank name, the country you are sending money to, bank code, branch code and bank account number.
  5. The service also offers the ability to track and monitor the status of your money transfer.

To get a live Western Union money transfer rate, visit