Expat Stars Awards 2013

"The Oscars of the online expat community."

What are the MyCurrencyTransfer.com Expat Star Awards?

"The Expat Star Awards 2013 aims to celebrate excellence in the online expat community. Every day, we’re constantly amazed by the innovative, insightful and engaging expat content across the web. Now it’s our turn to acknowledge and reward websites in the expats community who inspire and delight expats worldwide.

Being an expat comes with it’s challenges. As expats ourselves, we know the culture shock and repatriation issues all too well. Some of your sites helped us when we needed it most.

Thank you for everything you do and making the process that much more simple and more enjoyable. We're delighted to support the first MyCurrencyTransfer.com Expat Star Awards 2013."

Daniel Abrahams & Stevan Litobac. Co-Founders. MyCurrencyTransfer.com

Welcome to the Oscars of the Expat Blogging world.

Organized by MyCurrencyTransfer.com, the prestigious Expat Star Awards 2013 aims to celebrate the most original, content rich, inspiring, informational, educational and engaging websites in the expat community. Expat sites that add real value to it’s users, not sites creating content for the sake of content.

Over the past two and half years, we have loved every minute of engaging and interacting with the expat community. You have been wonderful & welcomed us into your industry with open arms. Now it’s our turn to give back and reward rockstars in the online expat community who engage and delight the millions of expats worldwide.

The 10 categories we chose aim to cover the length and breadth of the online expat eco-system. From travel blogs to expat portals and applications we’ve got it covered.

The judging panel will work to a rigorous scoring system that evaluates expat sites against a strict voting criteria. We’ll assess expat websites based on the following criteria: quality of web content, uniqueness of content, social media analytics, user engagement, site interactivity, UX / UI (user experience & user interfact) and ability to community management.

The winners for each of the expat website categories will be honoured with a Gold, Silver, Bronze & finalist badge of honour. You will also be invited for a Question & Answers session on the MyCurrencyTransfer.com blog.

To be recognized as a MyCurrencyTransfer.com Expat Star Award winner is an honour. We don’t just announce the winners and finalists, we will explain to the community why they won and deserve to be.

Good luck & thank you in advance for being such an integral part of the expat community.

Team MyCurrencyTransfer.com

Want to get in touch and flag up your expat blog or website for inclusion. E-Mail: [email protected].

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