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LVL info
Latvian Lats
Laipni lūdzam! We display live LVL exchange rates. The currency of Latvia is Latvian Lats. It’s code is LVL & the symbol is Ls. You can get Lats news, rates, updates & charts by subscribing to our daily currency newsletter or live Latvian Lats conversion rates on the go via our Currency App.
Currency: Latvian Lats

Currency Symbol: Ls

Most used notes: Ls5, Ls10, Ls20, Ls50, Ls100, Ls500

Most used coins: Ls1, Ls2, Ls10, Ls100, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50

Central Bank: Bank of Latvia
LVL info
Latvian Lats
22nd March 2017
The story so far So, to the traditional spring equinox pop quiz: Which is the worst-performing major currency in the year to date? Sterling!, comes the instinctive reply. But no, although the pound has indeed had a rough time of it over the last two and a h...