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CUP info
Cuban Peso
Welcome! We display live CUP exchange rates. The currency of Cuba is the Cuban Peso. It’s code is CUP & the symbol is ₱. You can get CUP Peso news, rates, updates & charts by subscribing to our daily currency newsletter or live Peso currency conversion rates on the go via our Currency App.
Currency: Cuban Peso

Currency Symbol: ₱

Most used notes: ₱1, ₱3, ₱5, ₱10, ₱20, ₱50, ₱100

Most used coins: ₱1, ₱3, ¢1, ¢2, ¢5, ¢20

Central Bank: Central Bank of Cuba
CUP info
Cuban Peso
17th January 2017
Common cause for failure The pound’s stubborn insistence on putting its worst foot forward ensured that it was the back marker for a second week, achieving a 100% record of failure in 2017. Were it to continue retreating at the same pace for the rest of the...