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Overseas currency transfers should be simple, transparent and cost effective. Everybody is entitled to get 'The Fairest Deal on Currency.' We are proud of our service and always strive to get you a better and fairer deal.

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"As an expat, I send money overseas on a regular basis. Having a comparison site which can tell me exactly and in simple terms the benefits of using an FX broker is invaluable." — Jane, Alicante. Spain.
What a useful resource. I used a currency broker to send money to Israel at a rate which far exceeded anything I'd likely receive from a high street bank. I calculated our savings to be in the thousands. Keep up the good work. — Sarah Goldberg, Tel Aviv. Israel.
With the help your site has given, I set up a regular overseas payment plan and have eliminated so many of the charges of sending money from the UK to Spain that have stacked up over time. Thank you! — Jane Torbot, Derbyshire. United Kingdom
As an expat who lived in HK and now repatriated back to the UK, I needed to make a large one off currency transfer. With the help of a foreign currency broker, I saved up to 3% by directly comparing rates with the high street bank. On a 350,000 GBP transfer, this amounted to a lot of money. — Richard Thomas, formerly Hong Kong Island, now London. United Kingdom.
I'm addicted to your price comparison tool. It is such a fantastic way to compare currency brokers as well as keeping my eye on movements in exchange rates. It is kind of like a dynamic currency converter that provides 'real' information – not merely interbank rates. — Alice Dobson, Birmingham. United Kingdom.
I saved over 3,000 CAD on a recent currency payment. Sending money from Canada to the UK was effective as I used a broker who took time to understood my currency requirements and time my transaction properly. — Tracey Conway, Toronto. Canada.
A quick note to say that my 50,000 USD wire transfer from the USA to Canada went through seamlessly. The account manager was efficient, the savings over the banks were great. — Morris Family, Los Angeles. United States of America.
We purchased our dream overseas property in Canada two months ago. Foreign exchange was a key factor in timing the wire transfer appropriately. I can safely say our Foreign Exchange broker had his 'finger on the pulse' and ensured the transfer value was maximised. — Renee and Philippe Tucker, New York. United States of America
My FD's desk gets pitched almost on a daily basis by a new currency broker offering their services. However, the broker that we found on MCT have proven to be reputable and delivered both on price and service. —Anthony Karllson. Finance Director.
Sending money to Poland is no longer a rip-off. Wohoo! — Adam Nowak, Leicester. United Kingdom
Our business imports goods from China and we regularly make international payments. All those years getting stung by our high street banks are now behind us. Our FX cost has dramatically been reduced by around 5 % and can now spend this money on marketing and other areas to the business. — Ronnie Feldman, Managing Director, Somerset. United Kingdom
Because of your site, we now send money fortnightly from Australia to Europe with a foreign exchange broker using an online platform. Paying my suppliers has never been so easy. It is so simple and cost-effective! A must! — Kate and Richard Cook, Sydney. Australia
At first I was a bit nervy about using a currency broker and not the traditional channel of my high street bank. Having checked out the FCA credentials, the regulations and safeguards to my funds, I took the plunge. I am glad I did as I got a cracking deal. — Spencer Wilkins, London. United Kingdom.
Courteous, Punctual, Professional and Expert Advice. I could go on. Oh and I saved over 600 GBP on my currency transfer. A pleasure to deal with. — Phillip Underwood, Devon. United Kingdom.
Reliable, Simple and Cheap Rates. — Mark Sebastian, San Francisco. United States
I have made over 20 payments in the past month with my new currency broker. My currency transfers to the USA are now looked after by a safe pair of hands and most importantly, an FX professional. — James Richards, London. United Kingdom
A great website. Clear and easy to navigate — Tom Morley, Bristol. United Kingdom

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