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With Western Union, you have a great deal of flexibility in terms of method of transfer. Our editorial team will independently review the benefits of each option and provide some recommendations on how to send money abroad with Western Union most cost-effectively. In this guide, we compare the benefits of using a Western Union agent location versus the online services offered, and provide some top tips.

Offline – Bricks and Mortar

The first and most obvious option is to send money at one of Western Union’s 12,000 agent locations in the UK. You can transfer money to over 200 countries and 435,000 agent locations throughout the world. Whilst cash can be picked up by the recipient instantly, our research shows that this is the more expensive option to take if you are considering using Western Union. Only use if the transfer is pretty urgent and if your receiver doesn’t have a bank account. Using their online service is far cheaper and is covered underneath.

Top tips if you are sending money from a Western Union agent location

  1. Present suitable evidence of identity
  2. For larger amounts above £2000, two forms of identity are required
  3. You need to be 17 years or older

Online – Send money from your home

Direct to Bank Account Money in Minutes

Perhaps more conveniently and cheaply, you can now send money abroad using Western Union from the comfort of your own home. You can register for their online service for free and select either the Money in Minutes (card to cash) or Direct to Bank Account (card to account) service.

Top tips if you want to send money online using Western Union

  1. Use the Direct to Bank Account service for much cheaper transaction fees
  2. Use the Money in Minutes only if the transfer is extremely urgent or the receiver doesn’t have a bank account
  3. Track and trace your payments online
  4. Never give out your Money Transfer Control Number to anyone but the receiver

For more information on range of transfer options to use Western Union online and register, visit

Find Western Union locations in the UK

You can search for Western Union agent’s in the following major cities, together with a full breakdown of all 12,500 agents near you by visiting

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