Western Union Fees

Western Union Fees
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Western Union provide an excellent choice for consumers looking to send money fast to friends and family abroad. However, it is important to clearly understand how Western Union fee structures vary substantially between the two main services offered, namely: Money in Minutes (card to cash) and Direct to Bank Account (card to account). Our editorial team has put together an in-depth review of the Western Union fee structure and charges associated with using their money transfer service.

How much does it cost to use Western Union

Essentially you have two options when making a Western Union money order: either in person at an agent location OR sending money online via the Western Union website. Typically, we find that the fixed transaction fees are cheaper when you send money from home.

Once you have decided to send money with Western Union online, you must select between their two online offerings. There are advantages and disadvantages with both, mainly centred on cost versus speed of transfert.

Western Union Fees Compared

Our research team did an independent comparison of the Western Union fee structure. We compare the Money in Minutes (card to cash) product versus Direct To Bank Account (card to account). Price comparison is based on sending £250 from the UK to the following countries.

Based on a £250 Western Union transfer from the UK to the following countries: Money In Minutes. Transaction fee in £ (faster but more expensive) Direct To Bank Account. Transaction fee in £ (cheaper and direct to bank account)**
Poland (PLN) 14.90 4.90
Philippines (PHP) 27.00 1.90
Thailand (THB) 27.00 9.90
India (INR) 8.90 3.00
Nigeria (NGN) 11.90 1.00
Spain (EUR) 27.00 4.90
Romania (RON) 27.00 4.90
Indonesia (INR) 27.00 9.90
France (EUR) 27.00 4.90
Australia (AUD) 27.00 9.90
Colombia (COP) 27.00 3.90
Canada (CAD) 27.00 9.90
United Arab Emirates (AED) 27.00 9.90
South Africa (ZAR) 17.90 1.00
OTHER 22.80 9.90

* Note:Fees are accurate at the time of writing. However, to access live transaction fees you will need to log on to and register online. You can register for free which takes approximately 5 minutes.

** Promotion:Fee free promotions are valid up until the 31 st August 2012.

Western Union Money In Minutes (card to cash) V Direct To Bank Account (card to account) Explained

Money In Minutes. This is a fast card to cash service where you pay online and the recipient is able to pick up funds within 10 minutes at any Western Union agent globally. Our research has found above this is the more expensive of the two main services. However, on the flipside you take advantage of a much faster speed of transfer.

Direct To Bank Account – A card to bank account service. As the table highlights below, this is the economic option offered by Western Union. However, you will need to contend with a slightly longer speed of transfer (within three business days).

To register for either service, you can visit and register for free.

Top tips to consider when calculating Western Union fees:

  1. Western Union Fees depend on the service you use
  2. Fee structure is determined by the amount you are sending, the more you send the pricier the transaction fee
  3. Money in Minutes (card to cash) is faster but more expensive
  4. Direct to Bank Account (card to account) is cheaper but takes longer
  5. Also take into consideration FX rates in addition to the transaction fee
  6. Calculate the total cost of transfer taking into account fee and margin applied to the exchange rate

If you would like to register with Western Union, visit