Foreign Exchange Brokers Compared

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Without question, you can get access to wholesale and bank beating exchange rates by using a foreign exchange broker. Typically, an FCA regulated foreign exchange broker will take time to understand your foreign exchange requirements, help you time your FX transactions and advise on the best way to mitigate against adverse currency fluctuations. Rather than speaking to various different points of contact at a bank, you will have access to a personal and dedicated currency consulatant. Based on extensive market research, we have found that using an FCA regulated foreign exchange broker can save you up to 5 % of the value of your international money transfers. You can send money overseas using a foreign exchange broker, whether £1000 or £1,000,000 to over 150 countries, at a fraction of the price charged by the high street banks.

Rather than getting substandard exchange rates and being charged extortionate fees by the high street bank, speak to an FCA regulated foreign exchange broker TODAY who can maximise the value of your foreign exchange transfers.

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NOTE: the following foreign exchange brokers are authorised and regulated by the FCA