Convert Peruvian Nuevo Sols (PEN) to Mongolian Tugriks (MNT)

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Historical Exchange Rates Peruvian Nuevo Sol to Mongolian Tugrik

Live Exchange Rates Cheatsheet for
S/.1.00 PEN
₮896.05 MNT
S/.5.00 PEN
₮4,480.22 MNT
S/.10.00 PEN
₮8,960.45 MNT
S/.50.00 PEN
₮44,802.25 MNT
S/.100.00 PEN
₮89,604.50 MNT
S/.250.00 PEN
₮224,011.25 MNT
S/.500.00 PEN
₮448,022.50 MNT
S/.1,000.00 PEN
₮896,045.00 MNT

Peruvian Nuevo Sol & Mongolian Tugrik Currency Information

Peruvian Nuevo Sol
FACT 1: The currency of Peru is the Peruvian Neuvo Soles. It's code is PEN & its symbol is S/. According to our data, PEN to USD is the most popular Peru Nuevo Sol exchange rate conversion.
FACT 2: The most popular banknotes used in Peru are: S/.10, S/.20, S/.50, S/.100, S/.200. It's used solely in Peru.
FACT 3: Peruvian Nuevo Sol were introduced in 1991 and has proven one of the most reliable currencies in Latin America. The 2 and 5 Nuevo Sol coins include images of the hummingbird and condor figures from the Nazca Lines.
Mongolian Tugrik
FACT 1: The currency of Mongolia is the Mongolian Tugrik. It’s code is MNT & it's symbol is ₮. According to our data, USD to MNT is the most popular Tughrik exchange rate conversion.
FACT 2: The most popular banknotes used in Mongolia are: ₮10, ₮20, ₮100, ₮500, ₮1000, ₮5000, ₮10000, ₮20000. It's solely used in Mongolia.
FACT 3: In 1928, the Tugrik replaced the Mongolian Dollar and became the only legal currency in Mongolia. Mongo coins are no longer in circulation and are sold to tourists as souvenirs and collectables.

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