Convert Libyan Dinars (LYD) to Belize Dollars (BZD)

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Historical Exchange Rates Libyan Dinar to Belize Dollar

Live Exchange Rates Cheatsheet for
1.00 LYD
BZ$0.42 BZD
5.00 LYD
BZ$2.09 BZD
10.00 LYD
BZ$4.17 BZD
50.00 LYD
BZ$20.85 BZD
100.00 LYD
BZ$41.71 BZD
250.00 LYD
BZ$104.27 BZD
500.00 LYD
BZ$208.53 BZD
1,000.00 LYD
BZ$417.06 BZD

Libyan Dinar & Belize Dollar Currency Information

Libyan Dinar
FACT 1: The currency of Libya is the Libyan Dinar. It's code is LYD & its symbol is LD. According to our data, USD to LYD is the most popular Libyan Dinar exchange rate conversion.
FACT 2: The most popular banknotes used in Libya are: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 dinars. It's used solely in Libya.
FACT 3: In 1971, the Central Bank of Libya launched the Libyan Dinar. Libyan currency is nicknamed by Libyans Omar El-Mokhtar after the Libyan freedom fighter who is featured on the obverse of the 10 dinar note.
Belize Dollar
FACT 1: The currency of Belize is the Belizian Dollar. It's code is BZD & the symbol is BZ$. According to our data, USD to BZD is the most popular Belize Dollar exchange rate conversion.
FACT 2: The most frequently used banknotes in Belize are: BZ$2, BZ$5, BZ$10, BZ$20, BZ$50, BZ$100. It's used solely in Belize.
FACT 3: The 1 cent coin switched to a scalloped shape in 1956 after a reduction in size in 1954 while aluminium 1 and 5 cent coins were introduced in 1976.

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