Convert Albanian Leks (ALL) to Vietnamese Dongs (VND)

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Historical Exchange Rates Albanian Lek to Vietnamese Dong

Live Exchange Rates Cheatsheet for
Lek1.00 ALL
₫214.82 VND
Lek5.00 ALL
₫1,074.10 VND
Lek10.00 ALL
₫2,148.20 VND
Lek50.00 ALL
₫10,741.02 VND
Lek100.00 ALL
₫21,482.03 VND
Lek250.00 ALL
₫53,705.08 VND
Lek500.00 ALL
₫107,410.16 VND
Lek1,000.00 ALL
₫214,820.32 VND

Albanian Lek & Vietnamese Dong Currency Information

Albanian Lek
FACT 1: The currency of Albania is the Albanian Lek. It's code is ALL & the symbol is Lek. According to our data, ALL to EUR is the most popular Albanian Lek exchange rate conversion.
FACT 2: The most frequently used banknotes in Albania are: Lek200, Lek500, Lek1000, Lek2000, Lek5000. Its central bank is the Bank of Albania.
FACT 3: As of 2002, the Albanian Lek has been re-issued on several occasions. An example of this is in 2005, when the 50 Lek was re-designed for the 85th Anniversary of the Capital Tirana.
Vietnamese Dong
FACT 1: The currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong. It’s code is VND & it's symbol is ₫. According to our data, USD to VND is the most popular Vietnam Dong exchange rate conversion.
FACT 2: The most popular banknotes used in Vietnam are: ₫100, ₫200, ₫500, ₫1000, ₫2000, ₫5000, ₫10000, ₫20000, ₫500000. It's only used in Vietnam.
FACT 3: The Vietnamese Dong was officially introduced in 1978. Since then, several commemorative coins in copper, brass, copper-nickel, silver, and gold have been issued but have never come in to circulation.

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