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Transfer A$6,000 Australian Dollars (AUD) to USA (US Dollars)

The 100% transparency promise means that you can search for the best money transfer deals in full confidence. We produce independent and unbiased comparison on the various options available when transferring money to USA. Whether you need to make regular overseas transfers, maintenance payments on overseas property or even place a deposit, transfer money to USA with full confidence you have got the best deal.

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Transfer Money to USA

Compare the world's leading foreign exchange companies

From To Amount
Provider Transfer type Guide Rate Amount Received Fee Speed Quote/Apply
Ozforex small
Bank to bank
One Off Transfers
Forward Contracts
Online Dealing
Telephone Dealing
24/7 Online Platform
0.9311 $ 5,587 USD 0.00 AUD 1 day Quote/Apply
Our Verdict: OzForex launched in 1998 and have 80,000 clients worldwide. They typically offer far better currency rates than mainstream banks. This is combined with a great service and an easy way to receive and transfer money internationally. With OzForex, there is no need to be outraged anymore by bank rates. Offer both a telephone and online service.
Moneycorp small
Bank to bank
One Off Transfers
Regular Payments
Hedging Service
FX Market Guidance
Business FX Online Platform
0.9301 $ 5,581 USD 0.00 AUD 1 day Quote/Apply
Our Verdict: Perhaps one of the most well known and established foreign exchange companies. Moneycorp have been in the industry for over 30 years, they started dealing in foreign exchange in 1979. Pride themselves on bank beating rates and lowest fees around. With over 600 employees and 11bn GBP traded in currencies last year, your money transfers are in safe hands. Offices in the UK (London), Spain and USA (Florida).
Ifx small
International Foreign Exchange
Bank to bank
One Off Transfers
Regular Payments
Forward Contracts
Hedging Service
Telephone Ordering
0.9291 $ 5,575 USD 0.00 AUD 1 day Quote/Apply
Our Verdict: International Foreign Exchange, set up in 2005. A dynamic, reputable and highly acclaimed FCA authorised currency specialist based in Mayfair, Central London. IFX combine world-class trading systems with flexible and highly personal account management capabilities. Firm with a global reach that serves corporate and private clients both in the UK and Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.
Smart small
Smart Currency Exchange
Bank to bank
One Off Transfers
Regular Payments
Forward Contracts
Order to Call/Buy
Telephone Ordering
0.9281 $ 5,569 USD 0.00 AUD 1 day Quote/Apply
Our Verdict: A well established firm set up in 2004, servicing clients globally. Smart can save you money on foreign exchange. Interestingly, their big USP is that Smart are one of the only UK based FX brokers that doesn't pay traders commission. This allows Smart employees to deliver superior customer service. Whether sending money from London, New York, Sydney, Paris or elsewhere, Smart will save you money.
Fxfirm small
The FX Firm
Bank to bank
One Off Transfers
Regular Payments
Spot Transaction
Forward Contracts
0.9271 $ 5,563 USD 0.00 AUD 1 day Quote/Apply
Our Verdict: Leading FCA Authorised foreign exchange specialist with a global client base. HQ in the UK with offices in the UAE. Quote extremely competitive exchange rates that regularly beat the banks. A strong commitment to safety and security of funds, The FX Firm protect all client funds in segregated 'client money accounts', held with Barclays Bank PLC.
Currencyfair small
Bank to bank
Peer to Peer Money Exchange
One Off Transfers
Telephone Assistance
View Live Rates View Live Rates 5.42 AUD 1 day Quote/Apply
Our Verdict: CurrencyFair is a person to person currency exchange website where customers can exchange straight away with other customers at exceptional rates, or place their own trade on the marketplace at a better rate and wait to see if another customer matches them. The average customer ends up paying approximately 0.3% of the amount exchanged, as opposed to a typical 3% from a bank.

NOTE: The prices displayed above are an 'exchange rate guide' and for indicative purposes only. It may not be the exact final dealing rate that you receive when making an international payment. Exchange rates constantly change throughout the day and can change at the time of booking a trade. They are based on an average margin currency specialists generally will take - added to a near live interbank rate for your specified trade size. Rates can only be guaranteed at the point where a purchase of foreign currency is conducted either online or by telephone. To access a final dealing rate (otherwise you will only be quoted an 'indicative rate') you will need to open a free account with a foreign currency specialist above.

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Transfer Money to USA with full confidence that you are getting the best deal. See how much you could save today! At we compare thousands of foreign exchange prices to ensure that sending money to the USA is done at the best exchange rates and lowest fees. Transfer money to USA at better than bank exchange rates. Below you will find a comprehensive list of FSA regulated foreign exchange specialists that will maximise the value of your overseas money transfer to USA.

Transfer Money to USA - Save on Sending Money to the United States

Whether buying a dream holiday home in Florida or California, importing goods or making property investments in Detroit, it is important that you are getting the best deal when sending money to the USA.

Transfer money to USA and get the best currency quotes on If you are transferring money to USA for one of the following reasons, we can help you save money:

- Purchasing property in USA? - Making a pension transfer to USA?
- Expatriating to USA? - Salary payments to USA?
- Importing goods from USA? - Regular overseas Payments to USA?
- Large Money Transfer to USA?

Perhaps you are one of an increased number of British and foreign expats that are moving overseas and need to make a large one-off money transfer to the USA. If you are exchanging Pounds (GBP) to USD, exchange rate fluctuations can make the difference of thousands of pounds when sending money to the USA. The better-than-bank exchange rate guide quoted below will save you between 3-5 % of the value of your overseas money transfer to the USA.

Compare Money Transfers to USA - Click Quote / Apply

Start saving when sending money to USA, whatever the amount. Click Quote/Apply to obtain the best exchange rate and lowest fees for your individual foreign currency transfer requirements.