Transfer £500 British Pounds (GBP) to France (Euros)

Finding the best deal to send smaller amounts of money to France has never been easier. has built a trusted reputation in the industry for helping our visitors access the best exchange rates and lowest transfer fees. Small Bank Account to bank account transfers do not have to be expensive. Don’t get ripped off by ludicrous high street bank fees when transferring money to France (often up to £40) Whether you need to send money to friends or family (for Birthdays, Christmas) or pay a supplier, we provide you with the most comprehensive range of options.

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Transfer Money to France

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Provider Transfer type Guide Rate Amount Received Fee Speed Quote/Apply
Western union small
Western Union Direct to Bank
Direct to
Direct to Bank Account
1.1775 € 589 EUR From
3.90 GBP
1-3 days Quote/Apply
Azimo small
Direct to
One Off Transfers
Regular Payments
Send money to family
Card to Bank
Card to Cash
1.2527 € 626 EUR 5.00 GBP 1 day Quote/Apply
Currencyfair small
Bank to bank
Peer to Peer Money Exchange
One Off Transfers
Telephone Assistance
View Live Rates View Live Rates 3.00 GBP 1 day Quote/Apply
Transferwise small
Bank to bank
Peer to Peer Money Exchange
One Off Transfers
Regular Payments
1.2527 € 626 EUR 2.0 GBP 1-2 days Quote/Apply
Western union small
Western Union Money in Minutes
Money in minutes
Cash payout
Direct to Bank Account
1.1775 € 589 EUR From
4.90 GBP
Instant Quote/Apply
Smart small
Smart Currency Exchange
Bank to bank
One Off Transfers
Regular Payments
Forward Contracts
Order to Call/Buy
Telephone Ordering
1.2226 € 611 EUR 5.00 GBP 1 day Quote/Apply
Globalwebpay small
Global Web Pay
Bank to bank
Local Bank Transfer
Debit Card (Instant)
24/7 Online Platform
1.2276 € 614 EUR 4.75 GBP 1-2 days Quote/Apply

NOTE: The prices displayed above are an 'exchange rate guide' and for indicative purposes only. It may not be the exact final dealing rate that you receive when making an international payment. Exchange rates constantly change throughout the day and can change at the time of booking a trade. They are based on an average margin currency specialists generally will take - added to a near live interbank rate for your specified trade size. Rates can only be guaranteed at the point where a purchase of foreign currency is conducted either online or by telephone. To access a final dealing rate (otherwise you will only be quoted an 'indicative rate') you will need to open a free account with a foreign currency specialist above.

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Transfer money to France at the optimal exchange rates with an FSA regulated foreign exchange specialist. With our simple table of comparison below, we can assist in finding you the fairest and cheapest deal on transferring money to France, whatever the purpose.

Transfer Money to France - Save on sending money to France

Sending money to Paris, Bordeaux, Nice or Calais? Are you French and working overseas? Transfer money to France at the best exchange rate today. Whether buying a second home in the South of France, Pyrenees or wine regions of France, foreign exchange will play an important consideration. Don't get ripped off by the high street banks with their ludicrously high margins when importing goods from France or making regular maintenance payments on your overseas property.

Transfer money to France and start the process by comparing prices on If you are transferring money to France for one of the following reasons, we can help you save money:

- Purchasing property in France? - Making a pension transfer to France?
- Expatriating to France? - Salary payments to France?
- Importing goods from France? - Regular overseas Payments to France?
- Large Money Transfer to France?

When transferring money to France, whatever the amount, using a reputable currency broker can save you thousands of pounds. Many Britons are emigrating or purchasing property overseas and face important decisions when deciding on the appropriate method to transfer money to France. Sending Pounds to Euro or vice versa requires you to be savvy on the possibility of exchange rate fluctuations. The best time to send money to France requires a foreign exchange expert to assist. By having a dedicated currency specialist on board to watch the markets on your behalf, you are well on the way to making a great saving on your foreign currency transfer to France.

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Transferring money to France is only a few clicks away. The options below will save you between 3-5% of the value when transferring money to France.