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Tongan Paʻanga
Talitali fiefia! We display live TOP exchange rates. The currency of Tonga is the Tongan Pa'anga. It’s code is TOP & the symbol is T$. You can get Pa'anga news, rates, updates & charts by subscribing to our daily currency newsletter or live Pa'anga currency conversion rates on the go via our Currency App.
Currency: Tongan Paʻanga

Currency Symbol:

Most used notes: T$1, T$2, T$5, T$10, T$20, T$50, T$100

Most used coins: 5, 10, 20, 50

Central Bank: National Reserve Bank of Tonga
TOP info
Tongan Paʻanga
15th February 2018
Good month, bad week Sterling was not the outright winner over the last month but it did strengthen by an average of 0.8% against the other dozen most actively-traded currencies, losing out only to the South African rand and the safe-haven Swiss franc and J...